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22 février 2013

Explications de Robert Henderson (vu sur Facebook)

Front of the body:
1. Tight Ankles.
Reveal: Closed Heart.
In Thai massage, the blockage is on the point known as the KHC point. In TCM, the point is on the stomach meridian.
As the stomach meridian is the meridian which connects the heart and the feet, a blockage here reveals a blockage in the heart. The heart is not sufficiently free, or open, to allow freedom of movement in the ankles/feet.
2. Outsides of the Thighs.
The energie of body armour worn as self-protection.
In Thai massage the blockage can be felt as tightnerss on Sen Kalathari on the outsides of the thigh.
This reveals a person who does not want to reveal themselves. The tighter the blockage the tighter the person is about revealing their inner self.
3. Adductor muscle tendon at very top of thigh.
Mistrust of the opposite sex.
Right tendon = mistrust of the female sex
Left tendon = mistrust of male sex
The mistrust comes from two sources:
The earliest stage in your life between you and your parents.
The inherited energie of mistrust of your parents of each other.
In Thai massage, where the branch of the first outside line meets the groin. In TCM, the Stomach meridian.
The energie of your anger at not being loved in your earliest infancy.
This energie blockage is part of the overall blockage on the Stomach meridian between the heart and the feet. (It is all connected!)
5. Soft area between the upper breast and the clavicle.
This is where the energie of four emotions is stored:
(please, please, please, in massage, do not be one of those arsehole massage therapists who uses trigger points in this area just because you can).
6. Sides of the neck.
The energie blockage here is the blockage in not speaking the truth.
The energie of unspoken words getting stuck half-way between the heart, which desperately wants you to speak your truth and your mouth, where the energie of your truth should be expressed and released.

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