Alizée’s fall
13 décembre 2012

This is a (small) love declaration to Alizée. Her « James Bond » inspired clip was a pure moment of joy for any 007 fan like me.
Whenever I go on a movie/video clip set, I always put my camera on and leave it there, unattended, for dix minutes or more. I did that for Zazie, a few years ago. It’s still in my vaults ^^

Music for this « fan only » moment is by Eric Serra. It’s a piece of the « Nikita » OST called « Fall »…which is, of course, the theme of the original song.
There’s nothing more to watch than that…but it’s something that I find watchable for a lot of reasons : a beautiful young woman, some melancolic music and the promise of a gorgeous album to come.

Once again, thanks to Alizée, Sony and all the people who were on the set. I’m amazed by the quality of the final result.

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There are 2 comments

  • pepon66 dit :

    Gracias William!!!… Merci!!!, This video is awesome!!, Beautiful!!!!

  • Alice dit :

    Elle tourne, elle tourne Alizée … j’avais beaucoup aimé son précédent album, assez déçue qu’il n’ait pas eu plus qu’un succès critique, je la voyais bien continuer dans cette lancée électro.

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